Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Kind..

Headed out to one of my favorite places to fish this past Sunday...Down here in the great Southern Coast of Texas, there is PLENTY of saltwater to fish..but not to many freshwater spots. This little gem belongs to my boss man..he had this 'pond' (3 1/2 acres & 30 ft deep) built on his property a few years back. Since then he has had it stocked with a nice variety of "good eatin' " fish. So Sunday, the son and I went out and swam and fished, till we were burnt up and tired! We netted 10 tilapia and wrangled out 3 blue cats..the biggest being right under 26''. Not huge, but the best kind to filet out and eat up. If you've never had fresh fish tacos, you haven't lived! Sunday is coming up again, you better believe I'll have my pole out...

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