Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You've probably never heard of them...

They're a South African Nu-Wave dub- step house band whose lead Singer has a side project, and these are their b-sides to their previously unreleased underground garage band mix tapes. . . Yeah..I'm heading to Austin. Gonna go see the fantastic Mr. Jason Brooks @ Great Wave for some upper thigh tattage ..pretty stoked. Gonna meet up with some of my family..part of my tattoo family and also some of my related family. Look out Austin, I have the iPod on shuffle and I'm wearing my vintage Pearl snap button up with my skinny jean shorts and my prescription Ray-ban glasses! ... No..not really.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny how it works out that way...

So the day I decide to get my ass back on the blog....crazy shit happens! The shop wasn't packed, but we were busy...We heard some screaching tires, that shit happens on the daily, but then that awesome 'crash' sound was followed by the building shaking!! Haha.. some chick depressing on her Ex, rear-ended a girl who was pulling into the shop, sending her into a customers brand new 2011 RT Camaro, WHICH, in turn, hit the front of our shop....crazy! But as you can see in the background, the sky looks all crazy and nice..a crazy summer storm rolls through and spawns a tornado about 25miles from here and dropped hail on my little girls school..Great day to jump back on the blog!

Blah Blah Blah

Shits been kinda off lately...decided to quit fucking around and get back to playin' on the interweb! ... Gotta get some new pics of some of our latest adventures up here!! (sold some bikes, bought some trucks, bought a house, SLC trip, shop trip TATTOOING SKATING FISHING)New Shit coming facebook, no twitter, no myspace.....but I do have the Google+ thing..trying that out and keeping to the blog. Keepin' up or Gettin' out!