Friday, February 5, 2010

Puttin' the T and the S .. In TSF

Threw down on a pretty rad little piece on our 'known associate' Big Nate aka- Mike Miller -aka- the Vanilla Gorilla -aka- Pretty in Pink. . . okay, no one calls him pretty in pink, but they should. Anyway... with the help of some chinese food, he sat threw 4hrs of foot pounding pleasure... It came out pretty rad, I'm stoked.. and really, if i'm happy, thats all that matters..
no, but he's stoked too. .Theres a fucking car in the bacground!! . .Congrats Nate.. you officially have the best skateboard tattoo known to man.
Props to Duane 'the Master of Disaster' Peters and Independent Trucks... For Life!


  1. FUCK...that top of foot shit has to be the worst spot ever! Nice work, TOO!