Thursday, July 2, 2009

A True Badass..

So I am wrong.. Im not as much of a BADASS as i thought, ha. I tattooed this young fellow last night and he turned out to be pretty Fuckin' rad! His name is Gunther and he hails from Sweden.
He has been in the Great State of TEXAS since'02 and has made it his home.. Before that he was rippin' up the Eastern Bloc in competion LandRovers or hittin' the Autobahn on his many a' murder-cycle.. The sweet scar above his fresh tattoo is from when he dumped his 1975 Honda cb750 (bored over to 923) on said autobahn at 165mph!! 5 days in a coma, 6weeks in the hospital, and less than 60% mobility in his arm.. he still Fuckin' rides!! Of course he still makes time for the ladies and scotch on the golf course.. Praise this man.. Because he is Radder than you!

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